Have your faulty BMW Logic 7 amplifier repaired at our specialised workshop in the UK

Symptoms of a Faulty BMW Logic 7 Amp

  • No sound
  • Popping and banging
  • Blown fuse
  • Sometimes, a SOS error on dashboard display

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then this would indicate that your BMW Logic 7, made my Harman Kardon is faulty.

These units are found in BMW X5 (E53), BMW 3 (E46) and a few other models including the Land Rover L322 Range Rover.

Before you rush out to buy a new one, send the unit to us for a fast and effective repair and save a small fortune.

Common Logic 7 Amp Questions

Faulty BMW Logic 7 Amp Symptoms

  • No sound

  • Some sound

  • Loss of some or all speakers

  • No power or orange light on radio or screen in dashboard

  • Weird noise that is screechy and high pitched

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